Partnership with Carpi FC.

The partnership includes a talent identification program for ASA Football players of all ages.

It will provide ASA players with the opportunity to be assessed on their ability and further develop their skills, as they embark on their journey to become professional footballers.


This new venture means ASA Football joins a worldwide network of affiliates and academies from both Europe and the United States that are currently linked to the Italian club. Carpi FC Director of Sport Gianluca Vecchi says Carpi FC is committed to youth development and the future of any club is investing in youth. " Its like the foundation of a house, you wont build a solid home without strong foundations and a good football team needs strong foundations and that is youth" 

Pat Polistina added " This is a great opportunity for our players to move onto the next level. Players will live and be a part of the youth system at Capri FC in the time they are there"          


In the coming months, more details will be realised about the affiliation including future tours.

Interested players and their families are able to contact ASA Football Head Coach Pat Polistina on 0404 148 259 or to discuss criteria and pathways.