Training Programs

See what we have on offer, ranging from our winter programs to one v one training sessions.



Winter Programs

Ages range from 5 to 18 years. Sessions can be tailored for individual or groups that are looking to compliment or advance their skills level that they are receiving from regular club training. Speed & agility, striker play, defence vision game awareness are some of the additional areas ASA Football offers potential players overall a development in all aspects of the game.

Our head coach Pat Polistina brings to the sessions his experience as a player in Europe and a youth coach for AS Roma affiliates. Pat has over the years established contacts with clubs in the UK and Europe that will potentially aspiring players that may wish to seek trails overseas.


Summer Soccer

ASA also offers training sessions for individuals and teams that in the off season want to sharpen their skills by playing 7 a side soccer. Players will participate in Academy only competitions and gala days. This assists players learning to react faster to situations in a closer and confined area technically making players work on their feet and thinking with mind on various situations on the field.

A summer programme consists of 1 or 2 nights training and a match per week.


One v One Training

Under the guidance and tuition of head coach Pat Polistina. Players from 10 to 18 years have the benefit of Pats training methods that he has perfected and adopted for Australian players. Pat has designed a curriculum based on leading European clubs for the advancement of local players who are aspiring to play at higher level locally and overseas and for players that just want improve their overall skills.

Sessions are designed to suite the individual that may want to train early morning weekends rain hail or shine seven days a week.


Soccer Starters

Children as young as 3 years of age can be introduced to the world of Football in an active fun way through gross motor skills and a range of exercises with soccer balls for eye and foot coordination.

Classes start from as little $10 per child (minimum of 10 children) per hour.